Tunes & Gig Updates as at 21st April 2018


  • Black Velvet Band  – 19042018, on New Tunes page.  Tacets included and introduction & ending clarified.


The latest version of the tunes with draft order for the Ukulele Festival is posted as the list of tunes for next Monday’s session (23rd). It is on the BUS Weekly Session Tune List page.  The Babbacombe Ukulele Strummers set on Saturday starts at 2:35pm, and the Sunday final session (Ayres Rock) for all to join in starts at 5:30pm.


Thanks for your help with returning these.  In my absence, Ron is collecting the completed forms handed in at BUS, and also has blank ones if you need one.

Tune and Gig Updates as at 14th april 2018


  • Battle of New Orleans – 09042018, on New Tunes page.  Updated introduction and ending, corrected chords in second chorus, and changed transition leading into the 2nd Chorus.
  • Dedicated follower of Fashion – 11042018 on Current Repertoire page.  Tidied up Introduction and Ending, inserted the tacets.


The next version of the potential tunes for the Ukulele Festival is posted as the list of tunes for next Monday’s session (16th). It is on the BUS Weekly Session Tune List page



Gig & Tune Updates – 5th December 2017


Current Repertoire page:

  • Jackson – 05122017
  • Medley 1940s version 2 – 05122017

Other Tunes page:

  • Ob-la Di Ob-la Da – 05122017
  • Under the Boardwalk – 05122017

Christmas Songs and Carols page:

  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – 05122017
  • Silent Night – 05122017


11 Dec – Homecombe House & 21 Dec – Wellswood Christmas Street Party – both playlists are updated with the new version dates for the above tunes.  See the Gig Playlist page

Gigs, Other Dates & Tune Updates – as at 22nd Nov 2017

Gig & other dates – details all in our Diary

  • 11 December -  Homecombe House, play at 7:15pm
  • 16 December – Sainsbury’s the Willows in aid of THHN, play at 9:30am
  • 18 December – BUS 6th Birthday & Christmas Party
  • 21 December – Wellswood Christmas Street Party, playing after 7:00pm.  Time to be confirmed
  • 25 December – Break, no session
  • 1st January – Break, no session

Note: The Christmas Season Gig Play List(s) are on the Gig Playlist page

Tune updates:

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas (with instrumental) – 22112017, on Christmas Tunes page





Gig & Tune Updates as at 21st August 2017

The following draft Gig Playlists are on the Gig Playlist page:

  • Saturday 2nd September 2017 – Friends of Tessier Gardens
  • Saturday 23rd September 2017 – Barton Memory Cafe

NOTE:  All details in the website Diary

The following tunes have been updated on the  New Tunes page:

  • Iko Iko – 14082017
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight – 14082017

This one on the Other Tunes page:

  • Sloop John B – 20082017

And this one on the Current repertoire page:

  • Jamaica farewell – 21082017