Documenting Tunes

Proforma MS Word documents for creating BUS Tune Sheets                             (last updated 2nd Feb 2019)

These two Microsoft Word Profoma tune files are suitable for use at gigs, i.e. in larger fonts that can be more easily read.

One format is with the chord names in line with the lyrics, the other with the chord names above the lyrics, the latter for those tunes that need the strum pattern documented to help with learning and playing them.

  • Format with chords placed in line with the lyrics:     

New-Tune-Proforma-with chords-in-line-with lyrics-BUS01022019                         

  • Format with chords placed in line above the lyrics:


BUS Library of Scalable Chord Diagrams For Ukes Tuned to GCEA

This MS Word document contains chord diagrams that have been used in BUS tune sheets across the different BUS Repertoires.  It is not a list of all possible uke chords, just those used so far by BUS.  Our newer tunes may use chords not yet included in this library:

To use the chord diagrams:

  1. Click on the above link and open the file with MS Word
  2. Select & copy the required chord
  3. Paste it into you new tune sheet and re-size as required.
  4. Additionally you can save the file to your own device