New Approach to ‘Tunes For the Week’

At the regular session on the 15th November, it was proposed to create a number of playlists that can be used at gigs in the future and to be the tunes to play and practice at our regular Monday sessions.

The ‘’BUS Tunes For the Week  web page is now updated to reflect this, with three separate gig playlists.  Additionally there is another playlist with a selection of new tunes from which 1 or 2 will be tried out each week.  The web page is still found under the Music tab as before.  Please check it out before you come along as it will be updated ahead of each session to indicate that week’s playlist.

BUS Covid Policy

The Babbacombe Ukulele Strummers approach to holding Regular Sessions during the Covid pandemic is documented in the ‘BUS Covid Policy’.  This policy is posted under the About Us page on this website. Click here to view it.

BUS Website Update – 11th January 2020

Music – Other Tunes In Our Repertoire web page

  • The tunes on the ‘Other Tunes In Our Repertoire’ page have all been moved to the ‘Current Repertoire’ page, which is now called ‘Our Repertoire’The ‘Other Tunes In Our Repertoire’ page is removed.
  • We hope this will make individual tunes easier to find

Music – The other categories of tunes remain as separate pages, see the Music drop-down menu at the top of each BUS website page), i.e:

Weekly Subscription

  • The 2020 weekly subscription is updated to £1 per session attended – see the About Us page
Website old News Posts
  • Old posts about gigs and tune updates have been cleared out


Web site updates – 12th July 2015

BUS website updates:

  • New Tunes in Development: If you want a list of these just print out the New Tunes page using your web browser.  The tunes are in date order – the most recently added or  updated being first.
  • Tunes used during our Beginners Workshops:   We have created versions of a number of tunes specifically formatted for use in our Beginners Workshops.  They are posted on the ‘New to Your Uke’ Tunes page. There is a link to this page on the Music page, also in the drop down menu under the Music tab.