Getting Started With Your Ukulele

First learn about the ukulele and how to tune it.

Dr Uke has an audio you can play for each string of the ukulele i.e.  G – 4th string, C – 3rd string, E – 2nd string and A – 1st string.  Simply play each audio and tune the appropriate string to it.  These audios are the first four songs of Dr Uke’s songbook, Click here to find them.

This  is how to tune a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele.  A baritone ukulele is usually tuned differently.

There are many other web sites, this one has some good diagrams of the uke, explaining which string is which, and includes a short video by Ukulele Mike: How to tune a uke

Then start playing

Currently we are using information from the ‘Beginners’ section of Dr. Uke’s website.  If you are waiting for our next course of our Beginners Workshops to start, why not have a go yourself  using Dr. Uke’s Beginners Guide.

These very useful sections help you start playing:

How to get started

A useful guide on ‘What to Buy to Get Started’, and a ‘Buyers Guide’ which includes information on the different types of ukulele.

Beginners Songs with Audio

Play and practice these in the order listed, starting with the 1 and 2 chord songs.  Dr Uke also provides an audio of each song to help you.

Strumming for Beginners

Worth reading and having a go before you start playing

Little (but very important) points to remember

A few other key points for the beginner

And finally, here are some chord charts for Beginners:

. . . . Happy strumming!