Gig Update – 15th March 2019

Big Noise Chorus Spring Concert gig on Saturday 30th March 2019:

  • The playlist is posted on the website Gig Playlist page. Also in the Diary, the venue is corrected and now gives the details for Central Church Torquay.

Gig Updates as at 20 Feb 2019

  • Babbacombe Memory Cafe, Tuesday 26th Feb 2019 at 2:00pm - Playlist is posted on Gig Playlist page.  Gig details in website Diary and in playlist
  • Homecombe House, Monday 4th March is postponed.  There is now the regular Monday BUS Session at the Precinct Centre that week.  Website Dairy updated accordingly
  • New gig: St Andrews Ladies Club , Wednesday 26th June 2019 – gig details in website Diary.

Tune & Gig Updates – 16 Feb 2019

New Tunes added to the New Tunes page:

  • Waterloo in the key of F – 16022019
  • River Deep – 15022019
  • Every Breath You Take – 14022019
  • Knock Three Times – 14022019
  • Ruby Tuesday – 14022019
  • Ring Of Fire – 14022019
  • Sea of Heartbreak – 14022019

Tunes updated:

  • Peggy Sue – 15022019


  • Saturday 30th March Central Church Torquay, Big Noise Chorus – details in Diary


Gig Updates as at 6th February 2019

 Gig Updates – details now in Diary:

  • Monday 4th March 2019 – Homecombe House, Babbacombe.  7:30pm start playing.  NOTE: There will be no regular BUS session at the Precinct Centre on this Monday
  • Saturday 27th April 2019 – Barton Memory Café, Barton Baptist Church.  2:00pm start playing.

Tune & Gig Updates – as at 30th January 2019

Tune Updates

All posted to the New Tunes page:

  • Build Me Up Buttercup – 29012019
  • Daydream Believer – 29012019
  • Love Really Hurts – 29012019
  • Make Me Smile – 29012019

Gig Updates

  • The playlist for the Brixham Memory Cafe gig on Wednesday 6th February 2019 is posted on the Gig Playlist page.  Gig details in Diary and gig playlist.

BUS session tunes for Monday 4th February 2019  is the playlist for the above Brixham Memory Cafe gig.

Gig & Tune Updates as at 13th January 2019


  • Babbacombe Memory Cafe, 15th January 2019 – Playlist posted on the Playlists of Tunes For & From Gigs web page.  Details of gig in Diary.
  • Gig on 16th February 2019 cancelled


The following tunes are moved from the New Tunes web page to the Current Repertoire web page as they have been played at gigs:

-  City of New Orleans – 09032015

-  Count On Me – 07062018

-  Modern Love – 17102017

-  Top Of the World – 20112018

Gig Updates as at 1st December 2018

Gig Updates:

  • The playlist for the gig on Monday 3rd December 2018 playing at 2:00pm at Central Church Torquay is posted on the Gig Playlist page – all details in our Diary
  • The playlist for the gig on Thursday 13th December 2018 playing at 8:00pm at Kingskerswell  Village Hall, Kingskerswell TQ12 5DJ,  is posted on the Gig Playlist page – all details in our Diary